COVID-19 Changes

So much has happened and so little has happened since March, 2020. The world seems to have turned upside down and then it was given a good shake: change falling everywhere!

I closed my 227 S. Main Street location, filled my home and two storage units and have realized that an online format for sales might be incredibly difficult to manage.

I have looked at a warehouse on W. Vine Street, the little stone church on Ohio Ave, a place in Apple Valley and one on Howard Street. Suffice it to say, I haven't quite found the fit yet.

So I am waiting. I'm taking a tote of yarn at a time and putting it on sale and trying to move it, move it. Hang with me. If you need something, chances are--I have it. Please email me.

On the home side of things, it's pretty nice to be home, and then again, it is terrible to go nowhere and see almost no one. But we did have the llama and alpacas exposed to a male this year--all four of them (not the same male). So next year we could have crias!!

I will blog more, my mom just called and needed something. She is 84 and going strong, other than the fact she has no car so her going somehow involves me.

Take care, my dears,

Stay safe,


Beanie Baby

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